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Defective items in a home

Property defects are important to know about.  Your dream home can turn into a nightmare!

A home inspection gives you peace of mind. The detailed report includes photographs, environmental reports, and the home inspector’s professional opinion. The report will mainly cover maintenance recommendations, life expectancies for various systems and components, and minor imperfections.

Defects that really matter will fall into four categories:

  1. Major defects, e.g. structural failure;
  2. Things that lead to major defects, e.g. small roof-flashing leak;
  3. Things that may hinder your ability to obtain finance, legally occupy, or insure the home;
  4. Safety hazards e.g. exposed wiring in the electrical panel.

You can often repair serious problems inexpensively, protecting both life and property (especially in categories 2 and 4).

Defective items uncovered during an inspection are often surprising to honest sellers. In addition, it should be noted that the seller is not always required to repair everything or anything described in the report.

No home is perfect! Keep things in perspective. Furthermore, do not kill your deal over things that do not matter. Moreover, don’t expect a seller to repair deferred maintenance, faults already listed on the seller’s disclosure, or nit-picky items.

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