Electric Fence

Electric fences and your home security

electric fence

An electric fence is your first line of defence in securing your home!

However, few homeowners realise that there are very strict regulations governing the installation and maintenance of an electric fence.

New regulations

Electric fence regulations were amended in 2011. However, at the time the regulations did not receive much attention.

The regulations that apply to electric fences are the Electrical Machinery Regulations, and they fall under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993.

But is it really an issue? The answer is yes! The authorities are now enforcing the regulations and many homeowners are up in arms! Continue reading “Electric Fence”

Life expectancy of geysers

How long does the geyser in your home last?

When you buy a new home have you ever thought about how long the geyser may last before you encounter problems? Probably not!

Your homeowner’s insurance may replace a burst geyser. However, be sure to check if you can claim the cost of repairs or if your home is unlivable due to water damage. Some policies allow you to claim for accommodation for the time it takes for your home to be habitable again.

Most geysers will not give you problems for ten years or more in new houses. Check with seller how old the house is if you are buying a house. Also, check if the geyser has been replaced and when.

Most homeowners realize too late that they never checked if their insurance covers geyser replacement and water damage. Be sure to check your policy and ask your insurance agent. Continue reading “Life expectancy of geysers”

A Home Buyer Views a Home

Home Buyer

home buyer

See what happens when a home buyer views a home!

This is applicable to almost every home buyer!

What is shocking is that research reveals that a home buyer, on average, views a home for 25 minutes and 30 seconds before deciding to buy a home! With 98% of homes sold with the “voetstoots” clause in the offer to purchase, the home buyer is at an extreme risk that there may be serious defects that can be both dangerous and costly!

Are you such a home buyer?

Video: A home buyer views a home


Voetstoots clauses are still being used in 98% of Home Sales Contracts

Voetstoots Clauses

voetstoots clauses

Read your offer to purchase carefully!

Beware of voetstoots clauses!

If you believe that voetstoots clauses are no longer applicable to home sales, go to the Estate Agents Affairs Board. Estate agents and home sellers are using the voetstoots clauses in 98% of the “offer to purchase” agreements. Voetstoots clauses protect both the seller and the agent in case of legal ramifications for defects. The Consumer Protection Act does not protect you!

Imagine what is wrong and can go wrong with the house you just bought!