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If you are a home buyer be sure to have a home inspection!

See what happens when a home buyer views a home!

This is applicable to almost every home buyer!

Research reveals that the average home buyer views a home for 25 minutes and 30 seconds before deciding to buy! With 98% of homes sold with the “voetstoots” clause in the offer to purchase, the home buyer is at an extreme risk that there may be serious defects that can be both dangerous and costly!

Are you such a home buyer?

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Voetstoots clauses are still being used in 98% of Home Sales Contracts

Voetstoots Clauses

voetstoots clauses

Read your offer to purchase carefully!

Beware of voetstoots clauses!

If you believe that the voetstoots clause is no longer applicable to home sales, you are mistaken. Estate agents and home sellers are using the voetstoots clause in 98% of the “offer to purchase” agreements. Furthermore, the voetstoots clause protects both the seller and the agent in case of legal ramifications for defects. The seller is not selling his home in his normal course of business. As a result, the Consumer Protection Act does not protect you!

In conclusion, just imagine what is wrong and can go wrong with the house you just bought if you don’t take the correct action!

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