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THE HOME DETECTIVE gives you a choice of different types of home inspections

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Home Inspections:

I offer eight different types of home inspections or property assessments to suit the needs of home buyers, home sellers, homeowners, business owners, landlords and those of you thinking of building or extending your home.

All my residential and commercial property inspections are in full accordance with InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice for residential and commercial properties, and InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics.

1 )    Single Component Home Inspections

I often receive calls from clients who are looking for a home inspection for a single component in the home. For instance, this can be a roof leak, a bulging ceiling, or damp problems and so on.

A single component inspection is also the cheapest inspection, starting from R750.00 depending on where you are in my inspection area. Moreover, if you want a second component inspected at the same time, this will only cost an additional R250.00.

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2)    Walk Through Inspections

A walkthrough inspection is for a client who does not (at this point) want a full home or commercial property inspection.  This inspection can be performed with you, or for you, if you live elsewhere, and you need nothing more than subjective observations.  Therefore, a walk-through is less formal and does not require me to adhere to a Standards of Practice or to generate a written report.  I will perform a visual walk-through of the home and provide you with oral comments summarizing my observations.

This type of inspection costs far less than a Comprehensive or Critical Home Inspection and about the same as a Single Component Inspection. Again, the cost depends on where the property is in my inspection area.

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3)    Critical home inspections

This is the home inspection for the budget-conscious!  The critical inspection costs about ¾ of the price of a comprehensive inspection.

A critical home inspection covers all the major components of the property which are the roof, structure, windows and doors and also electrical and plumbing.

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4)    Mould Home Inspections

It is advisable to carry out mould inspection when you suspect you might have a mould problem in your property. I strongly recommended that you have your property professionally inspected when you experience breathing difficulties (shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, or respiratory irritation). You may also experience neurological difficulties (headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea).

If your house is already suffering from obvious mould contamination such as parts of the wall or ceiling, an inspection is essential. My mould inspection will identify and confirm the true extent of the problem and provide a recommendation on how to rectify it.

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5)    Termite Inspection

If there are signs of termites in your garden or you are in a known termite problem area you should regularly have your home inspected for a termite infestation.

They might be in your built-in cupboards, the floor skirtings or in your roof. My termite inspection will identify and confirm the extent of the problem and damage. I will provide recommendations on how to rectify it.

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6)    Building progress inspections

If you are building your own home or alterations and extensions are being constructed this is the inspection for you.

Furthermore, pricing is negotiable depending on the number of inspections you require.


7)    Comprehensive Home Inspections

This is the most popular home inspection. My Comprehensive Inspection covers every aspect of the property, including all finishes.

The following types of inspection fall into this category:

  • Home Sellers Inspection or Seller’s inspection 

A sellers inspection of your home can help you sell it easier, faster and potentially more profitable. 

Rather address issues at the front end than waiting until negotiations begin because it can result in lower offers, delayed closing or lower selling price.

  • Home buyers inspection or buyers inspection

Buying a home is one of the most important and expensive transactions you can make.

A professional home inspection can help you optimise your investment by identifying issues before you finalise the purchase price of your new home.

  • New home Inspection or Snag Inspections

Also known as a punch list.

Before moving into a newly built home the need for a Professional Home Inspection cannot be more important!

A home Inspection (snag list) is performed to validate the finishes and condition of your home’s components prior to you taking ownership.

Follow up inspections are also provided if required.

  • Maintenance Home Inspections

A Home Maintenance Inspection is just like the inspection you can have before you buy a home.

I will check out all the main systems of your home—roof, walls, foundation, air-conditioning, electrical, plumbing etc. In addition, I will flag anything that might be starting to malfunction.

I will uncover problems you have not noticed. I will detect the little signs that something is starting to go wrong. This may be small cracks, spots, uneven wear, or fixtures such as a geyser reaching the eventual end of it’s live. I will also make you aware of the regular maintenance you should be doing in your house.

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  • Rental Home Inspections

Having a Rental Inspection Report as part of a written tenancy agreement is advantageous to both the landlord and tenant.

In addition, it will provide useful evidence if problems or disputes arise later on.

The property inspection can be used to check the condition of the property to identify new issues.

Follow up inspections when tenants are leaving and new tenants are occupying the premises are very affordable.

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8)    Commercial Property Inspections

Whether you are considering buying or renting a commercial property it advisable to have a Commercial Property Inspection. As part of your “due diligence”, I can provide you with a detailed evaluation of the building and its components. Furthermore, I will advise you of the overall condition and make recommendations regarding maintenance and improvements.

 I offer commercial property inspections of:

–  apartment buildings,

–  restaurants,

–  office buildings,

–  warehouse facilities,

–  small factories,

–  retail stores,

–  shopping centres

My commercial property inspections include a comprehensive evaluation of all major components of the building. For example, this includes the structure, roof, electrical system, interior and exterior elements, heating & cooling systems, plumbing and more.

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