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InterNACHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

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An InterNACHI certified property inspector’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

About the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors 

InterNACHI is the world’s largest property inspection organization for the residential and commercial property inspector.

As a nonprofit association, InterNACHI provides training, certification, and Continuing Education for its membership. This includes property inspectors, licensed real estate agents, and building contractors. Furthermore, InterNACHI provides its membership with business training, software products, marketing services, and many other membership benefits.

Property inspector

As a member, I follow a comprehensive Standards of Practice for Residential Inspections and am bound by a strict Code of Ethics.  Furthermore, InterNACHI is the only association worldwide that provides me with a Standards of Practice for Commercial Property Inspections.

I take part in the exchange of professional experiences and ideas with other InterNACHI certified inspectors to support each other.

Furthermore, InterNACHI maintains an industry blog, inspection forum, and local chapters in support of this swapping of information. In addition, InterNACHI provides me, as a member, with the means of direct and membership-wide interaction. This furthers my understanding of my particular role in the inspection industry and how best to serve my clients.

Above all, this cross-communication enhances my ability to build my business and develop specialised ancillary property inspection services.

Home buyers and homeowners

In fulfilling this primary objective of training and mentoring me and other inspector-members, InterNACHI’s broader mission is also to inform and advise home buyers and homeowners about maintenance issues in their homes. This helps homeowners understand the functions, materials, systems and components of their properties. Maintenance is not covered by homeowner’s insurance policies. Therefore, homeowners have the responsibility to conduct regular maintenance checks and to do the necessary maintenance to protect their investment.

In addition, as an InterNACHI property inspector, my commitment is to provide consistent, accessible and trusted information to my clients about their properties’ condition.

Finally, as a certified member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, I abide by the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

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