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Professional Home Inspections for Home Buyers

Buying a home is undoubtedly one of the biggest investments you'll make, so it can be heartbreaking when you discover considerable structural faults with your new property. Here at Inspector Homes, we carry out comprehensive and professional home inspections for potential home buyers, helping you to make a fully informed choice about purchasing your new home. Our team of experienced property inspectors will ensure you aren't deceived by sellers or estate agents during your property search.

By choosing the team at Inspector Homes for your pre-purchase home inspection, you can avoid drawn out legal battles with the seller, should you discover latent defects at a later date.
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What does our professional home inspection include?

When you choose Inspector Homes to carry out your pre-purchase home inspection, we'll carry out a thorough assessment, looking at a variety of different aspects, including:

- Roof & structural integrity
- Heating & cooling
- Plumbing, electrical & gas
- The state of the property's exterior space

Once we've completed our inspection, you'll be presented with a comprehensive report on your prospective property, identifying and informing you of all the maintenance and safety issues you need to be aware of before you finalise your new home's purchase price.

Why choose Inspector Homes as your pre-purchase property inspector?

The team at Inspector Homes are internationally certified home inspectors and always work within the strict standards of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors). With more than 9 years' experience, we're in the unique position to provide you with a highly professional and reliable home inspection report you can rely on before you buy your dream home.

We're passionate about helping people to find a structurally-sound home, and ensuring you know as much as possible about a property before you buy it. Our professional home inspection services are designed to make your life easier and give you one less thing to worry about.

To find out more about our pre-purchase home inspection services, simply give us a call on 074 892 2182 or get in touch online today.
Adapted from an article by Private Property 

The EAAB ( Estate Agent's Affairs Board of South Africa ) advises all home buyers to have a home inspection. To go to the article on their website. 

The message is pretty clear! Call me , have me go over the property with a fine tooth comb and get the whole picture, or remain blissfully ignorant until it is too late. The choice is yours!
For your own protection find out about important information concerning clauses to include in your home purchasing contract!
 Inspected once, Inspected Right!
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