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Maintenance Tips
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Home Maintenance Tips

You should consider doing the following improvements after taking possession of your new home or property:

Change the locks on all exterior doors, for security purposes.

Install smoke detectors on each level of the home. Install carbon monoxide detectors where any fossil fuels may be burned i.e. near heater, gas stove, near garage entry’s, near fireplaces, etc. If these devices are already present, change the batteries and make a note of when you did to schedule future battery replacements the same time next year.

Install fire extinguishers near stoves, in garages, and keep one handy near fireplaces and woodstoves.

Create a fire exit plan to evacuate your home or business in the event of fire or other emergency.

Make repairs of any trip hazards that were not repaired prior to settlement to avoid possible injury. (Both inside and Out).

Review your inspection report for any main shutoff location of water, gas, and electrical systems. (These locations will be pointed out to you if you joined your inspector during inspection).
Spring and Autumn
Your home is your single largest investment of your lifetime. Take these measures to protect your investment. For more home maintenance tips and energy saving advice contact me, your InterNACHI certified home inspector.
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