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Home Inspection Services Pretoria, Gauteng

I offer the following categories of inspection:

  1. Comprehensive inspection, which covering every aspect of the property, including all finishes (see "What I Inspect" and report example below).

  2. 5 Point or Critical inspection, that covers all the major components of the property (this inspection costs 80% of a comprehensive inspection and covers the roof, structure, windows and doors, electrical and plumbing ).

  3. Building progress inspections ( usually when a new home or alterations and extensions are being constructed - negotiable depending on the number of inspections required).
I offer the following types of inspection:
  1. Pre-listing Inspection

    A prelisting inspection of your home can help you sell it easier, faster and potentially more profitable.

    Rather address issues at the front end than waiting until negotiations have began which can result in lower offers, delayed closing or lower selling price.

  2. Pre-purchasing Home Inspection

    Buying a home is one of the most important and expensive transactions you can make.

    A professional home inspection can help you optimise your investment by identifying issues before before you finalise the purchase price of your new home.

  3. New Home Inspection

    Before moving into a newly built home the need for a Professional Home Inspection can not be more important!

    A home Inspection (snag list) is performed to validate the finishes and condition of your homes components prior to you taking ownership.

    Follow up inspections are also provided if required.

  4. Rental Inspections 

    Having a Rental Inspection  Report as part of a written tenancy agreement is advantageous to both the landlord and tenant.

    It will provide useful evidence if problems or disputes arise later on.

    The property inspection can be used to check the condition of the property to identify new issues.
If anything is unclear in any of the categories or inspections above or you have any questions please e-mail me at or go to "Contact"and I will resolve your query as soon as possible.
Below is a typical example of a Comprehensive Report done for a home seller featured here with his permission. A Comprehensive Report is very detailed and has every defect on the home noted with narratives and photographs. Where finishes and elements of the home are acceptable these are also included in the report.
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Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
 Inspected once, Inspected Right!
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